Our process

Our process is like a wheel in motion, it never stops moving. We constantly question, analyze, re-think, re-work, re-look … It’s an exciting exploration through the depths of creativity and it’s what delivers smart design results.

Gain Insight

Our first step is to gain insight. To fill our brains with knowledge about your company, your product, your service, your target, your need. This is how we can begin to see things from all angles and determine where you fit in the marketplace and how to capture your audience’s attention.


We ask questions. All kinds of questions. Being inquisitive is the only true way to explore. If we don’t know why or how, we’ll never expand beyond the obvious.


We are detailed planners. We organize, strategize, formulate, calculate … With a clearly defined plan, we’re ready for action.


We find all the stages of our process creative but this is when we get our hands dirty. We dive straight into our vault of great ideas and start shaking things up. This is when we get to play.


We take the execution phase seriously. This happens after we’ve brought all our great ideas out for you to see. We are now ready to put all the pieces together. We use our technical expertise to finalize all the details and skillfully bring our ideas into a finished product.


We always take the time to step back from our work and give it another look. Have we achieved what we set out to do? Ultimately it is all about the communication outcome.

What we do

For us, the bigger the challenge, the better. We thrive on the process of generating innovative communication strategies. Whether it’s a small component or a full-scale branding initiative, we approach each project strategically from the initial insight to the final execution. No detail is overlooked. Think of us as your personal creative vehicle, bringing your ideas to their fullest and brightest existence.

Our expertise

Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients, both large and small, from many industries including fashion, retail, corporate, performing arts & theatre, cosmetic, restaurant, technology, real estate, etc. Our services include:

– Branding and visual identity

– Advertising and campaign development

– Promotional and print collateral

– Point-of-purchase and packaging design

– Environmental graphics

– Editorial design

– Art direction

– Photography

– Copywriting

– Website design, interactive and video development

Our clients

We love our clients – from fashion industry, medical to retail. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of our clients from the past 20 years.